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Speak Japanese

WOW! What a feast. I miss it - watching K1 New Year's Eve and then drinking beer all day New Years Day


Simply beautiful!!! The crabs look delicious... I only hope the taste as good as they look! Thank you for sharing!


Wow - so much different foods


So interesting. I love all the food pictures.


Hello again! Another year and another year of diligently following your blog. Looking forward to it! I'm wondering if you could point me in the right direction? Having taught for three years from 2000-2003 in Tokyo, I want to go back. Unfortunately the Nova gateway is now closed and JET doesn't seem like a do-able option. Any suggestions? I'd certainly appreciate it!


So lucky to have a brother in-law who sends you such delicious looking crab every year ^^. All the food looks delicious :9. I would prefer the train as well, I don't like to travel in a plane too much b/c of the lack of comfort I get too.

Girl Japan

Everything looks so fantastic, I'd prefer this to osechi anyday.

Albany Jane

I do look forward to turkey once or twice a year, but I think a big roasted fish would also be a great holiday meal! It looks delicious. And I just love the overall asthetic of all of the food laid out.

Being a seafood piggy, I don't know if I'd have leftovers from 4 crabs. But like I said, seafood piggy.


I've been reading, and I'm greatly impressed with your lovely pictures, writing, and determination (writing for so long is quite impressive in the blogosphere). :] Oh, I'm 2 inches taller than you, so how long should my yukata be?


Checking in for my regular dose of life-in-Japan goodness... Delectable photos! If I could live there half the year, I would. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the comments!

Speak Japanese, my husband is a K1 fan, but we don't let him watch it- he has to tape it and watch it after we've all gone to bed.

Kim, the job market is not great these days- teaching jobs pay less than ever and conditions are getting worse, and unemployment is high in general. There are still eikaiwa (like Aeon, Geos etc) that hire overseas, and lots and lots of schools hiring teachers for kids classes. I think there is plenty of advice in the Gaijinpot forums: http://forum.gaijinpot.com/
Good luck!

Albany Jane, they were big crabs, and with the soba coming after we know from experience that we'd seriously regret eating all the crab!

Sarah, wow, 6 feet? Impressive! You may just have to settle for a slightly too small yukata! You can do like I did and get one tailor made- a yukata's length (and width) is totally dependant on the width of the bolts of fabrics used, and although they're supposed to be standardized there is a bit of variation, so you might get lucky.


What a lovely feast . Love crabs and options too! Beautiful dishes .. Thanks! CookNg Sisters

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